Slava Alexandrov is a balalaika player extraordinaire, promoting Russian folk music in Vancouver, Canada, U.S. and throughout the world! But it's not just Russian or Ukrainian music he plays; when Slava comes, you'll hear popular international tunes like Danny Boy, Never on Sunday, and Hava Nagilah too!

Don't hesitate to bring Slava, with his balalaika and rich tenor voice, to concerts, weddings, international festivals, or educational events.

January 2019 is Orthodox Christmas! Slava and Anya will make it truly unforgettable.



Slava Bogu Recording

guitar lessons

Slava Alexandrov is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. He plays many styles of music from classical to rock and roll.

Slava Alexandrov provides exceptional quality recording services from his recording studio in Burnaby and will give balalaika lessons or guitar lessons in Russian or English.



On Saturday August 25 Slava played at the Friendship Festival at the Serbian Centre, 7837 Canada Way in Burnaby.

On November 3 Slava performed at a wedding with the gypsy group Roma Gry.

On December 15 Slava was at the Alan Emmott Centre in Burnaby participating in a benefit concert.

Slava produced the soundtrack for the December 22 holiday shows at 7837 Canada Way, for Open World for Kids.

Throughout January Slava is doing his Orthodox Christmas tour in various places.